I'm Nate Otto, Democratic candidate for Wisconsin's 68th Assembly District. Altoona, Wisconsin is my home. Here I serve on the Eau Claire County Board, I adjunct teach at CVTC and I invest in the local economy. Most important, my wife Lauren and I raise two clever and energetic children.

Nate Otto Portrait

Let's build a future where leaders cooperate to make Wisconsin a better home. Extremists on both sides are trying to take over our state. We the voters deserve a legislator who listens.

I am passionate about rural broadband, water conservation and reproductivity rights. The voters of the 68th are smart, hard-working, level-headed people. We are skeptics about conspiracy theories. We are above the sensationalism. We are thinkers. You and I will sometimes disagree; I will always respect your point of view.

And we can win this!