Nate Otto and Tony Evers

Rural Broadband

We must expand rural broadband. This opens unlimited opportunities for education and commerce. This is a vital 21st Century utility.

Protect our Waterways

We will work with farmers and local communities to preserve and protect our natural resources in an economically sustainable way.

Mental Health

We will invest in mental health support. This helps citizens lift themselves into becoming active members of the community. It will also improve the quality of life for many families.

Restore Reproductive Rights

Abortion must be safe, legal and regulated. The best way to help our community is to provide preventative reproductive care that is proven to work.

Housing Affordability

Housing markets are volatile now. We must build long-term housing and zoning initiatives that keep housing affordable throughout market changes.


I support legal recreational marijuana use. Recreational marijuana and alcohol are best used in moderation. In excess, both substances impair judgement and impact long-term health. Like with alcohol consumption, the choice to partake must be up to the individual. Like with alcohol, public endangerment through excessive pot consumption must be prosecuted. And, like with alcohol consumption, legality is not a perfect option. But it is a better option.


I, like many Democrats, believe in keeping the 2nd Amendment. My young children are learning to shoot responsibly, and we sometimes take our youngest son pheasant hunting. Excessive gun culture is a public health problem. The NRA is more influential than any lobby group should be and too many people are buying guns out of fear. Our state government can adopt a carrot approach. Let's push for more gun safety. Let's reward moderation. Let's enforce the gun laws that are already on the books.

Work Together

Democrats are not always right. Republicans are not always wrong. All sides have something to offer. We can stand firm on our ideals and work together with people who disagree with us. I am running to represent every person in the 68th Assembly District.